Italian Style


We are Giordana and Debby

We are two Italian architects and interior designers with a lot of experience working in Italy and abroad.

 We founded “Your Home in A Click” during COVID-19 with the purpose of making interior design accessible to as many people as possible, no matter where they live or how far away from us they are.

 During the last year, so many of us have had to spend significant amounts of time in our homes.

As a result of this, our homes have gained an even more important presence in our lives. 

 We believe that a quality design doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Even with simple changes, designed in the right way, we can make big changes in a room or house. By doing so, we can significantly improve our quality of life and bring joy, love, and happiness to our lives. 

 We would be honored to help you find more joy in your home with our design!


Giordana and Debby

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